Jallatte Jalaska Tan leather Rigger Boot, with Steel Toe Caps and Midsole - Unlined

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Jallatte Jalaska Tan leather Rigger Boots with Steel Toe Cap and Midsole Model Jalaska JO266 Jallatte Description of the Jallatte Jalaska Tan leather Rigger Jalaska rigger boot uses a unique AP23 tan leather upper for water resistance. Dual density Softane sole. Steel toe cap to EN345 and pierce resistant steel midsole. If you require this rigger boot in large quantities please contact us for more info. We are experienced in bulk orders and exports to oil / gas producing regions. Features with the Jallatte Jalaska Rigger Boot with Steel Toe Cap and Midsole UPPER: AP23™ leather. Oil-and water-repellent. It is 10% to 15% thicker than most leathers used for safety footwear (2,4mm) FRONT FOOT LINING: Non-woven fabric TOE CAP: Aérfort 200J, perforated steel toe cap. Jallatte® exclusivity FOOTBED: Confort-Tech: anatomic, antibacterial, shock absorber in the heel are MIDSOLE: Steel SOLE: Softane™ dual density PU with progressive heel shock absorber NORM: EN 345-1. Anti-static Slip Rating N/A Safety Rating S3 Special AP 23™ FULL GRAIN LEATHER IS OIL- AND WATER-REPELLENT. IT IS 10% TO 15% THICKER THAN MOST LEATHERS USED FOR SAFETY FOOTWEAR (2,4 MM). ITS CAPACITY TO PREVENT WATER VAPOUR FROM PENETRATING IS THREE TIMES GREATER THAN THE MINIMUM STANDARDS REQUIRED BY EN REGULATIONS. JALLATTE® EXCLUSIVITY Resistance And Flexibility THE LOW DENSITY OF SOFTANE™ PU COMFORT LAYER ADDS LIGHTNESS AND FLEXIBILITY AND PROVIDES EXCELLENT ABSORPTION OF HEEL SHOCKS AND VIBRATIONS. THE OUTER SOLE IS A HIGH-DENSITY MATERIAL RESISTANT TO ABRASION, HYDROCARBONS, OILS AND GREASE. CENTRAL GROOVE TO CHANNEL AWAY FLUIDS, SELF-CLEANING RADIAL LUGS, HEEL AND ARCH SUPPORT REINFORCEMENT, PROGRESSIVE HEEL SHOCK AND VIBRATION ABSORBER, ROUNDED HEEL TO IMPROVE YOUR FOOTING Comfort-Tech Footbed ANATOMIC, SHAPED, COVERS 100% OF THE FOOT SURFACE ANTISTATIC, ANTI-BACTERIAL, SHOCK ABSORBER IN THE HEEL ARE Aerfort 200J Steel Toe Cap PERFORATED FOR IMPROVED VENTILATION IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE STANDARD REQUIREMENTS. JALLATTE® EXCLUSIVITY

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