63" Decompression Chamber

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Available for hire, this 63" Deck Decompression Chamber has the following specification: 1,600mm (63 inch) internal diameter. IMCA D018/23 compliant. Within an insulated and lined 20ft DNV 2-7.1 container with heating and lights. Lifting bridal HPC Plusair ASK27 LP 10bar screw compressor with 340 litre air receiver for main gas. 4 part Walker Breathing Air filtration pack and water seperator fitted to LP supply. Bauer Mini Verticus HP air compressor with 10x 50 litre, 200 bar HP air cylinders for backup gas. 200 bar HP outlet for charging bailout cylinders etc. Hyperbaric extinguishers. Container extinguishers. 4x Scot Vac II BiBS in main lock with 2x BiBS in entry lock complete with Tescom back pressure regulators. Hyperbaric bedding Scrubbers with sodasorb. Two fitted bunks in the main lock. One jump seat in the entry lock. Powered comms to both locks with sound powered phone backup system. 1x Type C Pelicase Medical Kit. External heating blanket fitted to chamber shell main lock. Compressor side requires 3 phase 440v. Chamber side requires a separate 240v, 32amp supply. Oxygen bank and oxygen clean regulator for BIBs and a suitable generator can be supplied as required. Supplied with full cert pack ready for immediate work. Call us to discuss on +44 (0)1756 529 530.