Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers 3 Litres


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STSM 2000

These fire extinguishers supply a simple and effective way of fire extinction in hyperbaric diving and medical therapy chambers. The extinguishers are available in two sizes 3 litres and 7 litres. These hyperbaric fire extinguishers use one aluminium cylinder rather than the old style extinguishers of the past, which use two cylinders. The extinguishers are charged up to 100 Bar with suitable chamber gas - either air or helium mix. When the fire extinguisher is required the safety pin needs to be removed and the foam is expelled when the handle is pressed. Activation is instant which produces a jet of non-toxic foam mixture, These fire extinguishers can be used continuously or intermittently. These Fire extinguishers are supplied with a mounting bracket and the nozzle is held at the side with a velcro retainer. The extinguishers are easily maintained and charged using the instruction labels located on the outside of the cylinder. Max Depth Rating - 450 MSW Operating Temperature Range - 2 Degrees C to 50 degrees C Charging Pressure - Up to 100 Bar Volume - STM 2000 - Cylinder 3 ltr, (Extinguishant 2 ltr) Manufactured to - BS EN 3 CE Marked to - 97 / 23 / EC (Pressure Equipment Directive) Pi Marked to - 1999 / 36 / EC (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive) Witnessed by DNV to - 450 MSW

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