Hydraulic Cable Cutting System


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Divers Stuff have two hydraulic shear cutting systems. Hired as complete systems with two-tool hydraulic power pack and hoses. Purchased for cutting subsea cable these units are capable of cutting armoured cable (or similar) both above and below the waters surface (maximum in stock hose length is 20 metres). Designed for the fire and rescue services for cutting people from wrecked cars these new hydraulic cutters have been designed to be more powerful than previous similar units due to the new, stronger, layered steel processes being used to manufacture car roll-cages. These units have been tested by Divers Stuff on armoured subsea cables of up to 75mm diameter. This was the largest diameter sample we were able to acquire for testing. The jaws open to 205mm and larger trial cuts can be carried out on request. See attached video of 75mm diameter cable being cut during trial. Multiple cuts were made without issue. These cutters can make a clean cut through cables (or similar) in seconds and can be operated by a single rigger or diver. This powerful yet lightweight system has a very small footprint (smaller cutter 17.5kg, larger cutter 20.6kg, two-tool power pack 28.6kg) meaning it is ideal for use from a small boat or when deck space is limited. The very compact and lightweight power pack uses a geared system to produce 350 bar of pressure quickly whilst keeping the size of the petrol driven unit to a minimum. The two-tool power pack can run both tools simultaneously on deck or underwater. The bi-directional hydraulic system power the jaws in both directions meaning that the tool can be used to bend, pry and jack outwards as well as cut. Max cutting force 157.1 tonnes. Max jaw opening 205mm. The coaxial hydraulic hoses have a high pressure feed through a central line within a low pressure return via the outer sheath. This means that there is only one external hose rather than a twin-hose system and therefore less chance of snagging underwater. Additionally, should the high pressure line rupture for any reason everything remains contained within the external low pressure hose meaning it is safer and there is less chance of hydraulic fluid spill. Please note: Divers Stuff can carry out test-cuts on materials / cable samples upon request. Not cutting cable? These systems are designed for cutting box section, flat bar, solid bar and a whole array of materials. Divers Stuff have different jaws for different applications such as prying or cutting different materials. Call us and discuss the best option for your needs.

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